20 Bars, Clubs and Lounges open 'til 2AM

  • Posted By: Palm Springs Insider July 28, 2015

A younger generation has set-up shop in Palm Springs with a cool cocktail scene, tiki bars and a decent nightlife vibe with hip DJS, outdoor games and live entertainment! There is still the tried and true; made-famous by (insert old Hollywood celebrity here) mixed with your standard strong-pour bar. Check out our list of the top bars and gay bars in Palm Springs that stay open until 2AM.



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What to do in Palm Springs over Thanksgiving

  • Posted By: Erin Lawrence October 16, 2016

Thanksgiving is nearing, and while tradition dictates planning and preparing a huge feast at home, spending time with family, friends, and loved ones, and giving thanks for the good things in life, there’s also many other things to do over the Thanksgiving weekend.

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Go climbing indoors at Desert Rocks

  • Posted By: Erin Lawrence December 20, 2016

I never thought I’d find myself 20 feet in the air, clutching narrow handholds, every muscle in my arms screaming from the weight of supporting my entire body as my feet struggled to stay anchored on bumpy ledges. Eventually the battle became too much, and I let go, falling backwards first sharply, then as my rope caught, I was gently lowered to the floor.

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All about Modernism

  • Posted By: Erin Lawrence March 28, 2016

Palm Springs is known as a modernist architectural mecca.  But what exactly is Modernism, and why is it such a draw?
Butterfly Roof






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Touring spectacular homes in Palm Springs - Part 2

  • Posted By: Erin Lawrence July 31, 2016

A few weeks ago we took a look at some fabulous homes in Palm Springs that can be easily seen on a self-guided driving or cycling tour (click here to read).

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Touring spectacular homes in Palm Springs - Part 3

  • Posted By: Erin Lawrence September 06, 2016

Over the last couple months we’ve had a look at some amazing homes in Palm Springs.  While they’re spectacular, many of them are off limits to the public. Fortunately there are some equally stunning public buildings where you can enjoy modernist architecture up close without a trespassing ticket!

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11 Great Ways to Pamper Mom on Mother’s Day in Palm Springs

  • Posted By: Sarah Romero April 20, 2016

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8. Make a 3-day weekend of it and treat Mom to a stress-free getaway to Palm Springs. Do make it a family trip because, after all, family time is very important to the main lady in the family.

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5 Things to Do Before Going Back to School

  • Posted By: Sarah Romero August 08, 2016

Summer is flying by, and getting back to school is right around the corner. There are still a few weeks left for summertime fun, however. If you’re looking for some family-friendly activities to fill your end-of-summer calendar, we’ve got you covered.


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Go with a guide!

  • Posted By: Erin Lawrence January 23, 2017

Visiting a new city can be intimidating. How do you know where to go, what sites are the best to see, or where you should eat? If you’ve only got a short stay planned, you don’t want to waste time. That’s why a guided tour can be a great way to get acquainted with a new city. Here in Palm Springs, there’s many options to get to know the area.

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Meet Tristan Gittens, Owner Of The Gourmet Sausage Restaurant Frankinbun

  • Posted By: Lawrence Karol January 10, 2017
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Tristan Gittens

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