5 great hotels in Palm Springs

  • Posted By: Erin Lawrence March 24, 2017

Getting away to Palm Springs is a treat. But having a great vacation, or long weekend can often hinge on where you stay.  Picking the wrong hotel if you’re hoping to relax and unwind can leave you sleepless, while if you’re looking to party, choosing a place that’s too quiet can stifle your fun.

Here are a few great hotels that can match the vibe you’re looking for.

Hotels with a Quieter Vibe

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Don't miss the Palm Springs Art Museum

  • Posted By: Erin Lawrence March 26, 2017

What To Drink At Counter Reformation At The Parker Hotel

  • Posted By: Lawrence Karol April 06, 2017

The Parker Palm Springs hotel is set on 13 acres that feature lush plantings, meandering pathways, two pools, a spa, and multiple Counter Reformationrestaurants.


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Travel from LA to Palm Springs in comfort

  • Posted By: Erin Lawrence April 10, 2017

TeslaGetting from Los Angeles to Palm Springs can’t always been easy. Renting a car is the best option, but not everyone is keen to drive two hours in some of the worst and most intimidating traffic in the USA. You can fly or book a connection, but that has its costs.

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Hiking in Palm Springs

  • Posted By: Erin Lawrence April 18, 2017
Indian Canyon

With gorgeous weather and unparalleled views, Palm Springs is a hikers paradise. There are literally hundreds of trails all across the Coachella Valley to explore. We’ll keep this article focused on trails in the immediate Palm Springs city area for simplicity, lest this short article tune into an encyclopedia.

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Dining at Palm Springs' oldest restaurants

  • Posted By: Erin Lawrence May 01, 2017

Greater Palm Springs Restaurant Week kicks off next month (June 2-11, 2017). While there are a host of great new places to try, there are also some restaurants that have been around for longer than some of us have been alive! These are three of the oldest restaurants in the city.


Melvyns - Opened in 1975

200 West Ramon Road

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Sit & sip: where to get a great glass of wine in Palm Springs

  • Posted By: Palm Springs Insider May 05, 2017

Sometimes there's not a lot of time to sample a new restaurant. But Restaurant Week is a perfect opportunity to get out and visit new venues to see what they have to offer.

A nice way to ease yourself into a new spot is to go get a glass of wine with some friends. There are several places in Palm Springs where you can dip in for a post-work glass of vino.

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Dog-friendly spots to dine in Palm Springs

  • Posted By: Palm Springs Insider May 05, 2017

Palm Springs is a dog-friendly city, and there are many places where you’re welcome to bring your furry friend. Dining with dogs is usually limited to the outdoor patio areas and of course your pets must be leashed and well-behaved. It’s also a good policy to call ahead and make sure there are no special events scheduled that would get Fido turned away.

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Skip the trip to Europe; dine at a fabulous Palm Springs restaurant

  • Posted By: Palm Springs Insider May 05, 2017

You're hoping to find the flavors of Europe but don't have the budget for that pricey round trip ticket, there are plenty of dining options in Palm Springs that runs the gamut from Italian, to French, and even Spanish and Austrian.

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Put a little romance in your evening with these Palm Springs restaurants

  • Posted By: Palm Springs Insider May 05, 2017

If it’s been a while since you scheduled a ‘date night’ now’s the perfect time to plan a romantic night out. Palm Springs Restaurant Week offers a great opportunity to explore some great new places or sample more established restaurants you still haven’t gotten around to trying.


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