Go climbing indoors at Desert Rocks

  • Posted By: Erin Lawrence December 20, 2016

I never thought I’d find myself 20 feet in the air, clutching narrow handholds, every muscle in my arms screaming from the weight of supporting my entire body as my feet struggled to stay anchored on bumpy ledges. Eventually the battle became too much, and I let go, falling backwards first sharply, then as my rope caught, I was gently lowered to the floor.

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All about Modernism

  • Posted By: Erin Lawrence March 28, 2016

Palm Springs is known as a modernist architectural mecca.  But what exactly is Modernism, and why is it such a draw?
Butterfly Roof






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Touring spectacular homes in Palm Springs - Part 2

  • Posted By: Erin Lawrence July 31, 2016

A few weeks ago we took a look at some fabulous homes in Palm Springs that can be easily seen on a self-guided driving or cycling tour (click here to read).

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Touring spectacular homes in Palm Springs - Part 3

  • Posted By: Erin Lawrence September 06, 2016

Over the last couple months we’ve had a look at some amazing homes in Palm Springs.  While they’re spectacular, many of them are off limits to the public. Fortunately there are some equally stunning public buildings where you can enjoy modernist architecture up close without a trespassing ticket!

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Go with a guide!

  • Posted By: Erin Lawrence January 23, 2017

Visiting a new city can be intimidating. How do you know where to go, what sites are the best to see, or where you should eat? If you’ve only got a short stay planned, you don’t want to waste time. That’s why a guided tour can be a great way to get acquainted with a new city. Here in Palm Springs, there’s many options to get to know the area.

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Meet Tristan Gittens, Owner Of The Gourmet Sausage Restaurant Frankinbun

  • Posted By: Lawrence Karol January 10, 2017

At quite a bit more than first glance, there's nothing about Tristan Gittens' curriculum vitae that would suggest he'd someday open a gourmet sausage restaurant. Gittens grew up in Palm Springs but moved away to attend UC Berkeley where he studied pre-med and worked on various HIV/AIDS studies after graduation. He then attended Stanford University, earned a masters in epidemiology, and started an independent contracting career in epidemiology/bio-statistical programming and analysis.

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Check out great new restaurants in Palm Springs

  • Posted By: Erin Lawrence January 03, 2017

There’s never been a shortage of great places to dine in Palm Springs. Now that list is getting longer thanks to the opening of several new restaurants in the city.

849 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262, USA
Phone: 1 760-325-8490

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Find Your Valentine Sweet Spot at Palm Springs Spas

  • Posted By: Barbara Beckley February 03, 2017

From romantic couples’ rituals to indulgent personal pampering, Palm Springs spas are celebrating Valentine’s season with blissful – and cost saving – specials. Here are the best. 

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Checking In To The Rossi Hotel

  • Posted By: Lawrence Karol February 03, 2017

The option to stay in your own private oasis within a private oasis may sound like an unlikely possibility, but at The Rossi, it will be a dream come true.

Rossi Pool





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Meet Andy Wysocki and Bill Sanderson of Townie Bagels

  • Posted By: Lawrence Karol February 14, 2017

You might not think it would be hard to find a great bagel in Palm Springs—but you'd be wrong. Unless, of course, you head to Townie Bagels inBagels the south end of town.


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