F10 Creative: Delivering stay, play and dine experiences to Palm Springs

  • Posted By: March 15, 2019

By Kevin Perry

Great leadership is less about what you say and more about what you hear. Opening your mind, heart, and ears is essential to understanding the needs of the customer and the community at large.

F10 Creative is an ambitious collective founded on the masterful art of listening.

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Ever wondered what inspired the colorful look of the Saguaro?

  • Posted By: February 22, 2019

Look no further than the California desert and its indigenous wildflowers for the 14 striking hues. The pattern and design of the Saguaro Palm Springs was the invention of Peter Stamberg and Paul Aferiat of Stamberg Aferiat + Associates in New York who used the colors found in the flora of the Mojave Desert to create the Palm Springs hotel. The colors of plants and flowers in the Sonoran Desert set the foundation for the design of its sister property in Scottsdale.

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Discover Holiday House and Sparrows Lodge

  • Posted By: February 18, 2019

By Kevin Perry

Palm Springs is built on reverence and revelry. The glamour of a golden age shimmers across decades and reverberates into a stylish celebration rooted firmly in the here and now.

Holiday House and Sparrows Lodge stand as towering examples of our hometown’s regal past, as well as its resplendent future.

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Vibrant City with a Past

  • Posted By: December 14, 2018

My friends, my husband and I discovered Palm Springs, California on a vacation to the city, desperate to trade the cold of the Midwest for the sunshine of Southern California. Our foursome spent three days exploring—and, yes, it’s as good as it looks.

First steps

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We’re Big on Small

  • Posted By: November 20, 2018

Inside and Out, The Saguaro Hotel Is A Riot of Color

  • Posted By: November 09, 2018

Located at the intersection of East Palm Canyon Drive and Sunrise Way, the Saguaro Palm Springs immediately catches your eye. It's brightly hued exterior is painted in 14 different desert wildflower colors that are native to California's Colorado Desert.

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Choose Your Own Blissful Adventure in Palm Springs

  • Posted By: November 02, 2018

By Erin Behan -November 1, 2018

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Palm Springs Spotlight: Amin Casa Hotel -- former residence of Hollywood star Gloria Swanson

  • Posted By: September 28, 2018

By Barbara Beckley


You can hear the smile in his voice even before you see it in his eyes. Nelson Cooley -- who with no prior hotel experience – is over the moon with happiness to be the owner of Amin Casa, one of Palm Springs’ newest small hotels.

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A Downtown Made for Strolling

  • Posted By: August 23, 2018

By Lydia Kremer


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5 Palm Springs Spas to Find Serenity

  • Posted By: August 22, 2018

By Christina Cary

Palm Springs Yacht Club

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