5 great hotels in Palm Springs

Pick a hotel with just the vibe you need

Posted By: Friday, March 24, 2017

Getting away to Palm Springs is a treat. But having a great vacation, or long weekend can often hinge on where you stay.  Picking the wrong hotel if you’re hoping to relax and unwind can leave you sleepless, while if you’re looking to party, choosing a place that’s too quiet can stifle your fun.

Here are a few great hotels that can match the vibe you’re looking for.

Hotels with a Quieter Vibe

Del Marcos Hotel
Small and intimate, the historic hotel’s iconic angular stone facade lets you know you’re in a special place from the moment you step onto the sidewalk in front.
Orbit Inn
The rooms surround a central pool where guests can lodge and catch some rays during the warm desert days. Some rooms also have private back patios for those intimate moments or quiet evenings.

Orbit In
Another small hotel, the Orbit In has that family-run feeling where you know they care about you. The rooms are vintage-styled and beautifully decorated so you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped back to the Mad Men era. The spacious rooms are comfortable and well-appointed and some even maintain their 1960’s charm with original radiating heaters in the bathrooms.

Don’t miss ‘Orbitini hour’ poolside each night where the hotel staff pours drinks and the guests gather round to get to know each other and compare notes on places to chill in Palm Springs.

Los Arboles Hotel
A charming, historic boutique resort, this small 21-room hotel is within walking distance of downtown Palm Springs so you can access all the hotspots. You can also stay in and enjoy the iconic El Mirasol Mexican Restaurant and bar. With the property’s distinctly Mexican vibe and decor, you’ll feel like you’ve ventured a lot further south.

There’s a heated courtyard pool for cooling off plus a Jacuzzi for relaxing in, you can order one of their signature margaritas and let your stresses wash away.

Ace Palm Springs

Ace Hotel
Officially known as the Ace Hotel and Swim Club, this is another spot to see and be seen. The pool club will keep you busy from morning till sunset, and the cocktails are creative and way too drinkable. Find yourself a snippet of shade from the vintage umbrellas that ring the water or grab yourself a slice of bar in the dark and shady Amigo Room.

When you need to get up and start the day again, the breakfasts at the King’s Highway restaurant are guaranteed to get you fueled up.


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