Catering and AV Services

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 Savoury’s Full Service Catering

The Palm Springs Convention Center is proud of its long-term relationship with Savoury’s Full Service Catering, our exclusive in-house caterer. Headed by award-winning Chef, Brad Toles, Savoury’s works in partnership with our clients to create exceptional menus and innovative presentations, all supported by quality food and a caring service staff.

Culinary innovation, diversity and quality are the hallmarks of Chef Brad Toles, and the philosophy of Savoury’s Catering. Whether the event is a casual business breakfast, an elegant sit-down dinner, or a large gala for thousands, Savoury’s talented staff will take your event from conception to the serving of dessert.

Whether you event is at the Palm Springs Convention Center, or at any off-site location in the valley, Savoury’s can customize any menu item or theme to help you plan an event which will leave a lasting impression with your guests.


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PSAV Presentation Services
From the moment the lights go down, the adrenaline goes up. It’s show time and no detail can be left to chance. This is precisely why it makes sense to add a partner like PSAV Presentation Services to your team. PSAV is the in-house Audiovisual provider and exclusive IT and rigging provider for the Palm Springs Convention Center.

A big event or a small meeting has many moving parts, all of which require laser-like attention. PSAV calls it “Event Technology Expertise” and they offer a wide variety of services to make your event unforgettable:


  • Graphic design of logo, themes or animation
  • Scenic Elements such as design and construction
  • Video production including shooting, editing and publishing


  • Lighting
  • Display
  • Sound


  • Digital Displays
  • Internet Access including wired or wireless connections and computer rentals
  • Videoconferencing

Rigging (Exclusive) The PSAV team is standing by to provide helpful information on how you can execute your next event seamlessly.




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