Event Planning Center

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Whether you are planning a convention, meeting, tradeshow, private party, or special event, the Event Services team at Palm Springs Convention Center will work closely with you to achieve success.

Our Facility Guide has been prepared to provide you with important and useful information for guidance and familiarization of Center policies and procedures to ensure the success of your program.

Once your event has been contracted through our Sales Department, a member of our Event Services team will be assigned to your event and will serve as your liaison in communicating your event details within the respective internal departments and preferred providers. They are here to assist you every step of the way and take care of all the details so you can focus on the bigger picture.

PDF Downloads: 


Tradeshow Contractor FAQs.pdf  pdficon_small.gif  
PSCC Recycling Program.pdf  pdficon_small.gif  
Loading Dock Diagram.pdf  pdficon_small.gif  

Planners Guide to Emergency Preparedness.pdf pdficon_small.gif  
Palm Springs City Fire Regulations.pdf pdficon_small.gif
Palm Springs City Temporary Event Permit pdficon_small.gif
Tradeshow Service Contractors pdficon_small.gif
Cleaning Service Contractors pdficon_small.gif
Electrical Contractors List pdficon_small.gif
Facility Guidelines pdficon_small.gif